CK Chan

陳 志均
CHAN, Chi-kwan

University of Arizona
Steward Observatory
Rm 332, 933 North Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85721

Websites: Personal, GitHub
Profiles: Astronomy, Data Science, Applied Math
E-mail: chanc/at/arizona/dot/edu

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Publications: ADS, Google Scholar

Chi-kwan “CK” Chan is a leader of the theoretical/computational modeling and interpretation of Sagittarius A* and a key developer of EHT’s computational and data processing infrastructure. Dr. Chan has developed multiple new algorithms to study turbulent plasma and has pioneered the use of graphics processing units to accelerate the modeling of black hole images. He has also built cloud computing infrastructures for large observational data, applied machine learning algorithms to speed up and automate data processing, and performed large scale theoretical/computational studies of supermassive black holes. Dr. Chan also trains young researchers on machine learning, numerical analysis, cloud computing, and quantum computing. Dr. Chi-kwan Chan is the current Secretary of the EHT Science Council, co-coordinator of the Software and Data Compatibility Working Group, and Senior Investigator of the Black Hole PIRE Project.